The Breaking of A New Day


It is in man's subtil quest to hastily and fully come into glory.

The breaking of a new day is as the gradual peeling of onion.

Onions have multiple layers as whole.

Each layer is carefully positioned and strategically arranged.

A new day breaks as each (thin) layer of an onion is sequentially unveiled.

The day breaks in a progression.

Into its eventual full blown glory.

Never has it broken into its fullness instantaneously.

Neither will it evolve without the rightful ordained process(es).

Long over stayed darkness is confronted.

Though the great light resides at the end of the tunnel.

Darkness vanishes in bits and pieces.

The incoming light seem armless.

Yet very impactful and significant.

Light gives rise to life.

Light defines and promotes sight.

How blessed it is to have a new day.

Count it all joy in the season of darkness.

Though sorrow endures for the night, joy comes in the morning.

Though the night seems unending, certainly, the morning will break even.

Seasons is a pathway into another/other season(s).

You are welcome and happily received.

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