Dear Saints


Dear saints, how soon did you forget where you came from!

How that you were picked from moldy clay into glory.

You dwelt, exhibited and proudly proclaimed sin in your members.

When you were entirely and solely the slave of sin.

Totally and deeply regulated, controlled and manipulated by sin.

In words, deeds, motive, action and reaction.

There wasn’t anything good showing forth.

You highly esteem yourself as though you were born saint.

Weren’t you in sinner's shoes in time past?

In preaching, exhortation and teachings, you pass cruel judgement.

When did you rank up to be a judge?

You condemn sinners of their unrighteous acts and moves.

And neither have you sincerely and earnestly  prayed for them.

Remember how long you spent in sin before you were helped of God.

When you couldn’t paddle against your lust even in all attempt.

Times and times you cried for help.

In fact, whenever you see sinners express their nature.

You claim to be ‘sainter' than them.

Your facial expression makes them hopeless.

Were you from your mother’s womb hopeful?

Being unequally yoked with sinners is all you claim.

It meant your conduct, motive and impression.

Uninspired words of condemnation proceed from your conversations.

They themselves have belittled your so called 'faith.’

On business terms, they avoid you at all possible cost.

Could it be that you weren’t a saint at first?

God alone can bear witness.

Likewise at communal meeting, they show no interest in your words and even works.

Can we categorically categorize you as the same?

It’s God that can bear witness.

Even the One whom you claim to follow.

Eats, discusses and converse with sinners.

Haven’t you read it in the scriptures!

Our Great Shepherd goes after the 'harvest.’

And you’ve made the laborers reduce.

Is it in your so called consecration they will be saved?

I care to know.

Retrace your way and make it straight before Him.

Walk in the exact path the Author and Finisher of our faith worked.

He loves sinners but hates sin.

He strongly desires that sinners are convicted and saved.

Not willing to let anyone perish.

Our Redeemer await your awakening to your ordained assignment.

I love you my fellow beloved saint.


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  1. A call to repentance... Itself a beautiful poem. Well done sir!

  2. Beautiful pieces that calls for evaluation. Checking and rechecking. Nice one bro.

  3. Really got me doing a self examination. Thank you for this piece

  4. Nice piece 👌 Well done bro, more grace!!!

  5. Nice piece keep it up

  6. Nice piece keep it up


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