My Ever Present Presence


Wandered for a number of years in self, flesh and sin.

Strived to give life meaning by all possible means.

Got involved in several shameful and unspeakable things.

Life was at retrogression rather than at progression.

Endured, suffered and even regretted that I took that path in life.

Not until I find this precious germ- Him, His presence.

Immanuel- God with us.

Entered that reality that is of great tangibility.

Took me from the dunghill and set me among princes.

Made me inherit the throne of glory- for the pillars of the earth are His.

Delivered me from the enemy’s snare and slavery.

Totally free from the enemy’s grip.

Now blessed with His Person in His presence.

Gives keen ears to my prayers, request and discussions.

Constantly willing to help and helps my infirmities.

Ever ready to update Spirit led direction and specificities.

Makes sufficient grace available to overcome and to shield against every wiles and fiery darts of the wicked.

His presence, my preference.

Without His presence, there is no essence.

Ensure there is no interference with His presence.

Whose presence and present can provide as much as His presence?

His name echoes and reaffirms His presence.

Immanuel- God with us.

It’s not just a name, it’s a reality.

Far beyond reality, it’s an experience.

The Godhead tabernacles in and with me.

Old testament prophets couldn’t receive the promise.

John the Baptist only witnessed the birthing and a few years of the Seed promised.

Highly privileged to enjoy and experience the promise of Jesus after His ascension.

An outpouring of His rod of strength from Zion.

The Comforter- Parakletos.

My mobile Person and presence.

My ever present presence.


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